Kronos Capital — 08/23: Navigating August’s Crypto Market

Kronos Capital
2 min readAug 30, 2023


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This edition, we unpack August’s dynamic crypto landscape, offering insights to guide you through the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

August Performance Highlights:

Our Kronos Capital strategy excelled once again in August. With an average +10% profit this month (our most loyal clients who invested since November 2021 are up a staggering +114.7%, after fees!), we adeptly capitalized on the BTC breakdown from the 29,000 level. Trading 27 different coins bolsters our safe scaling strategy, mitigating risk while enhancing growth potential. Smart profit-taking during market dips showcases our prudent risk management approach. See below recap for a more visual explanation.

Market Volatility and BTC Stability:

August 17th breakdown brought market volatility rippling through BTC and its most correlated cryptocurrencies. BTC’s price then stabilized, fluctuating within a 3% range. We’re closely monitoring this consolidation, analyzing its potential impact, but are currently remaining short the market across all our positions.

Deciphering BTC’s Direction:

The recent news of Grayscale ETF winning over the SEC took BTC out of its low volatility range. However BTC’s trajectory remains uncertain as the fundamentals still align with a downtrend continuation. Can it muster strength for an upward breakout though? Our team meticulously assesses market dynamics to anticipate the next significant move.

In Brief: Confidence Amid Uncertainty

In a perpetually active market, opportunities and risks abound, whether on the down or the upside. Reflecting on August, we remain optimistic, recognizing growth potential amidst uncertainty. Remember, shared information is educational — research and seek advice before investing.

For inquiries and discussions, reach out to our team. Until next time, stay informed and trade wisely.

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