Community update

Kronos Capital
2 min readJan 20, 2022


To all Kronians,

Here’s the update you’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Our progress is the following:


Backend (API storage and copy trading functionalities): 60%

Security is our main concern. We are working hard (and therefore not rushing) on making our API storage and our server as robust as possible in order to onboard all of you in a safe and fast-performing environment.

Frontend (dashboard appearance): 80%

For the above reason our dashboard has been taking a bit more time than expected but we are not facing any issues. Beta version should be ready within the next few days. All good here.

Strategy (algorithmic trading): 80%

Since January we have been testing our strategy on multiple accounts to detect any issues that may arise once the copy trading feature was activated (eg. simulating our launch). By doing so we have noticed that some of those accounts were getting too many “false” signals which would disrupt their ability to take advantage of a trend or momentum. We therefore have been focusing on disregarding these signals. If you are familiar with trading bots, these false signals are the main reason why some of our competitors are often getting stopped in the middle of an up or down trend by what we call “market noise”. There are ways of circumnavigating this but it is very technical and therefore takes time. We are actively working on it.

Note: As a consequence we have stopped posting updates of the bot’s live performance.


As you can see our project is approaching completion however we might need to delay the launch until some time in February. We are obviously working to make this happen as fast as possible but we consider security and performance a priority above all else.

Stay tuned!